Pallet Racks

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Lengths of 70 m and heights with load levels up to 12 m

COMPATT pallet racking warehouses, are designed to make the best use of company space reserved for warehousing, and thanks to the modularity of the structures made by COMPATT, the system is totally flexible and can adapt to various types of Loading Units.

The remarkable sturdiness of the structures, has made it possible to build systems in which the mobile bases have reached lengths of 70 m and heights with load levels of up to 12 m.

The mobile base on which the racks are fixed consists of a series of slides, equipped with steel wheels and sized according to the load capacities, which are connected by a lattice structure, usually made of UPN 160-type steel profiles, which, in addition to constituting the first level of load, provides appropriate resistance to any shocks caused by the handling of forklifts, which can also be of the drawbar type.

Fixed pallet racks
Mobile pallet racks
Compatt systems find their greatest use in cold rooms where a maximum storage density is essential to avoid waste in the energy management of refrigeration systems.

Compatt provides several options to make the most of these solutions:

– To ensure proper aeration of goods during plant downtime, there is the option of separating all bases into small “night position” aisles;

– for the possible need to operate, with small forkslifts, multiple operators, the aisle can be divided into 2 smaller “picking” aisles;

– system lighting can be optimized by automatically turning on the aisle lights at the busy time;

– control by radio control on board the operator trolleys is provided in order to make the opening and closing of the aisles faster and more immediate.