The Mobile Warehousing Systems

The mobile warehousing system is a logistics solution that, unlike the static warehouse, requires only a single access aisle thus allowing storage capacity to be expanded by up to 80/90 percent.”

Its operation is very simple, this system consists of movable bases on which shelves are surmounted allowing them to move horizontally. In this way it is no longer necessary to have all the aisles of passage, it is sufficient to have just one that opens where the load unit is to be picked or stored.


Being of modular design, our compact warehouse is highly customizable for any load unit.

Ease Of Use

Thanks to the implemented automation systems, operating this plant is reduced to a few simple steps making its use user-friendly, not solely the prerogative of specialized technicians.

Industry 4.0

The in-house production software that manages the operation of the compact warehouse can be fully interfaced and controlled from any WMS.


Our plants are equipped with safety systems to mitigate the risk of damage to people or property. To date, we have succeeded in providing practical and efficient solutions while complying with the rule: ZERO INJURY.


COMPATT Srl. has patented an anti-liftoff system that can be applied to any type of mobile base, in any type of installation whether with ex-new or existing floor.


COMPATT Srl offers a routine and extraordinary maintenance service to preserve the functional integrity of active installations. Remote plant status control systems have been installed that allow us to know in real time the conditions of use of the compactable warehouse.

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